What can I offer

I can offer you landscape and architecture photography services, be it for postcards, posters, calendars or for various websites, for example related to tourism and recreation. I’m experienced in photojournalism, especially when it comes to documentary photography of public events or concerts. I can also offer product photography services such as e-shop product presentation shots. Occassionally I also do some portrait photography. I’m also offering postprocessing services on existing photos, including retouching, color correction, removing specks/blemishes and more.


In different forms and shapes, photography has always been part of my life and I’ve spent a lot of time in classic darkrooms, as well as in their contemporary digital counterparts, both working on my own shots and watching the work of the more experienced. In 2004, I’ve bought my first digital camera and my passion for photography has been truly reinvigorated as I’ve discovered the fascinating possibilities of digital photography. I am actively following news in the field of photography and I love to experiment with new stuff, which means I have experience using most of the more common graphics editor and digital photo processing software. I have experience shooting both the classic “analog” cameras, as well as digital DSLRs, but unlike a lot of other photographers I also take compact camera and cellphone photography seriously any camera has its strengths and weaknesses, requiring a different approach from the photographer to take advantage of them or work around them. I also have a long-standing interest in astronomy and astrophotography, which in itself warrants a very thorough photographic equipment knowledge and a solid understanding of optics, as well as an in-depth experience with both common and less conventional processing techniques of shots taken under such extreme conditions. I’m always happy to share my knowledge with others and offer my help.


All photography services pricing is subject to individual agreement – please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note that I DO NOT have my own portrait photography studio available at this time.




  • Some of the promotional shots (guest house exterior and other outdoor shots) of the guest house Na Čechách, also used as part of the guest house’s presentation at the Amazing places website.

All photos that are part of this website are original and made by me.

My public galleries, as well as my photography portfolio, can be found on a separate site at

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