What can I offer

I am offering professionally done translations both technical and regular from English to Czech and vice versa, backed by experience in a wide variety of fields, website, software or mobile app localizations, subtitle translation and timing (either delivered as a text file or hardcoded into the video), as well as proofreading of both Czech and English text. With my translations, I always strive to showcase to my clients that even in an era of automatic translator software and high English proficiency, the work of a professional translator is still as invaluable as ever.


I started working as a professional translator in 2005 (though I started making translations back in 1994). I’ve translated several books that include scifi novels and period novels, as well as contemporary fiction. I have a long-standing working relationship with the Czech movie distribution, translating press materials, interviews and other movie related text. I have an extensive experience translating feature films as well – I’ve translated and subtitled over a hundred feature films of various genres including some of the absolute movie classics and world premiere titles. I’ve localized several successful mobile apps and I’ve created translations of many user guides and documentation from a wide spectrum of fields, as well as translated business correspondence, contracts and miscellaneous business texts. A few years back, I’ve also started translating webcomics (in my spare time)


Standard text translation:
280 CZK / NP*
Subtitle translation (no timing):
5 CZK / subtitle**
Subtitle translation (including timing):
8 CZK / subtitle
Basic proofreading:
50 CZK / NP
Proofreading and stylistics:
80 CZK / NP

* 1 normal page = 1800 characters including spaces
** The number of subtitles per minute depends very much on the characteristics of the specific video being translated. This usually ranges from 5 to 15 subtitles per minute.

I don’t charge any extra for express translationI always, under all circumstances, strive to deliver the translation to the client as soon as possible.




Translations, IT, photography and more